2nd Generation Ownership

TYLER JOLLY – President

“Harrison-Jolly” Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.” formed in August of 1993.  First generation owner, Jeff Jolly, was made a choice to go into business on his own.  He was a skilled HVAC tradesman with 14 years experience in the business but he had very little money and no state license required to start a business.  A long time business affiliate, David Harrison, had a successful HVAC business in Alabama but was ready to retire.  Jeff did not want to relocate to take over Mr. Harrison’s business.  Instead Mr. Harrison agreed to sell his business and help Jeff form a new business in Northport, Harrison-Jolly.  Jeff was not a business man but very hard working and after 3 years in business, Jeff bought out Mr. Harrison’s portion and Jolly Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. began.  Jeff’s wife, Mary Jolly, was brought onboard to help Jeff with bookkeeping where he could concentrate on field work.  He was a one-man show in the field for a few years until he could afford to hire a helper or two in the late 90’s.  The company continued to grow at a manageable pace and the “American Dream” was being fulfilled.  The company specialized in HVAC service, maintenance, replacement, and new residential construction projects.
    Throughout the years since the business was formed Jeff’s son, Tyler Jolly, was brought to work with Jeff in the summers to learn hard work, discipline, and hopefully a useful skilled trade to take over the family business someday.  In 2004, Tyler began working as a skilled technician and outside salesman.  By 2010, Tyler became interested in the operational side of the business and forged his way into it.  The company was predominantly a heavy service entity specializing mostly in residential hvac service and maintenance.  By 2011, Tyler heavily examined the business structure and revenue and wanted to attempt to alleviate family stress in slow times and ultimately create more capital for the company.  Tyler noticed very little business in the commercial service and construction side but knew it was less seasonal so he decided to go after it with his parents’ approval.  The company began going heavy after commercial new construction projects, locally, and abroad.  What was unique about Jolly in branching into the commercial construction world was bringing a great level of customer service into an industry in Tuscaloosa that was not accustomed to that.  This was a breath of fresh air for local general contractors and many were excited to give Jolly more projects and help Jolly grow.
    The Jolly “mechanical” division was created and grew rapidly.  The reputation spread and in turn added commercial growth in the service/maintenance side as well.  By 2017, “slow seasons” finally disappeared.  This same year, Tyler‘s parents were at a point where they were able to enjoy the fruits beared by the success and were no longer needed operationally.  They agreed to sell the company to Tyler and enjoy retirement.
    After the purchase, Tyler grew the company by 600% in 2020 forcing him to outgrow current operations.  He developed KWJ Investments, bought land, and built new headquarters for Jolly.  With this development, Jolly expanded into the retail business and Jolly Hearth & Patio was born.  Tyler enjoyed the adventure and challenge so he decided to add another division and one that is needed in Tuscaloosa.   In 2022, Ledge electric, an electrical contracting division of Jolly Companies, was opened specializing in residential, commercial, and industrial electrical service, maintenance and new construction.  By 2022, Jolly HVAC had become the largest HVAC-specific company in Tuscaloosa and Tyler desires that for all the divisions of Jolly Companies.
    Tyler has only one goal in mind with all entities and that’s 100% customer satisfaction.  He achieves this by listening to his clients concerns and needs from a business and doing something about it.  Jolly culture is to never be complacent and never stop looking for ways to improve the customer experience.  The ultimate goal is to never have one negative customer experience.
    As growth has now exceeded 1500% since the buyout in 2017, Tyler realized very quickly that one or even a few people can’t achieve that goal with the wrong team.  He has always referred to employees as family and believes it.  The main focus has always been on having a team that truly loves coming to work and happy.  This culture radiates into the community and by default the employees begin to treat the clients as family.  Jolly focuses heavily on team building and promotes a fun atmosphere for including hosting company cookouts, food trucks, games, family fun days, festivals and appreciation parties regularly.

The Jolly Companies offer the highest level of home comfort to Tuscaloosa, Northport and surrounding counties and has proudly served these communities for over 31 years. We are undoubtedly a family business as a second generation of Jolly’s currently own and operate the company. Quality heating and cooling products are just where we begin. Our technicians at Jolly are trained and equipped to handle anything from routine HVAC maintenance & repairs on a residential system to complete turnkey installations for commercial environments.

We offer your family or business the best heating and cooling products and HVAC services, combined with a level of customer service that will exceed your expectations. To increase customer loyalty and ease your mind about using our services, we guarantee our work with parts warranties and service warranties as well.  In addition to HVAC services we also offer Electrical Services through Ledge Electric, A Jolly Company where our trained electrical technicians can handle all electrical services.  We also have our Jolly Hearth & Patio store where we are open to serve you through our retail storefront located at 1801 64th Ave, Northport, AL 35476.