I was skeptical when first invited to BNI Powerhouse by my friend Phil Duke with Burnum Hahn .  I was told that my business could really benefit from joining.  I’ve been told that before from similar business sharing groups, and never saw any kind of benefit.  Three months later, I had generated a lot of new business, and made many new contacts that probably wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

I have developed many new strong friendships, and seems like every week, we gain new, strong-willed business men and women.  I have since worked with Trisha Conyers, Mary’s Cakes & Pastries, Zealco Insurance, Ryan Whitson Insurance, and Tech Smart. Those are just the people I have worked with from within the group.

Almost every industry is represented in BNI Powerhouse. We have commercial and mortgage lender First Federal, small business bank First National, and the financial advising group Raymond Jaymes.

Niche industries are represented such as Northport Funeral Service, Mary Kay, Jim n Nicks Catering, and 15th Street Pharmacy.

BNI is the perfect marketing vehicle for traditional industries like insurance, real estate, construction, and service industries. Those are represented by American National, Blue Creek Realty, TitleWorks, Holman Contracting, Tech Smart, Reeves Landscaping, Craig Worley, Colonial Printing, and Burnum Hahn.

However, as you all know, BNI may not be for everyone. For example, my friend Scott Parrott with Legacy Automotive came to one of our meetings on “Visitor’s Day” just to see what BNI was really all about. After returning several weeks, he decided that it wouldn’t quite benefit his business so he decided not to join. But, YOU will never know if BNI is right for you until you come try it out.